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Hounds 'n' Harmony

We are a family run business based in Ansty, Coventry.  Established since 2016 we offer Exclusive Dog Boarding, Behaviour Change Programs and Pet First Aid Courses.  We are licensed and insured.

A bit about me....

Canine Behaviour

Despite wanting to be a vet when I was younger, I fell into the world of Human Resources (HR) and worked as a Consultant for 25 years, but always maintained my passion and love for dogs.  


Growing up I was never without a dog, and was always intrigued about the relationship between owner and canine.  Why were some dogs well behaved and others not was a question I very often pondered.  It was only when I moved into my own house and acquired two Border Collie puppies that I really needed an answer to my questions.  Their behaviour was out of control, from separation anxiety to attacking other dogs, they had it all.  Enough was enough, so I called in a Dog Behaviourist, and after only 48 hours of following simple techniques, the problems diminished considerably.  He helped me to see where I had gone wrong and the importance of being able to speak the canine language, which prompted my career change many years later .   


In 2016 after having re-trained as a Dog Behaviourist, I founded Hounds 'n' Harmony and went on to train further with an amazing lady called Jan Fennell.  In 2017, after sadly loosing my own dog, I added Exclusive Dog  Boarding to my services and in 2018 I trained to become a Pet First Aid Instructor, and hold certified courses at my training facility in Coventry.

Our Services


Exclusive Boarding

We offer Exclusive Home from Home Boarding.  We only board dogs from the same household, which ensures that our focus and attention is

100% on your furbaby.

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Canine Behaviour & Training

Your dog is not giving you a hard time, your dog is HAVING a hard time.  We offer a change behaviour program with guaranteed results.  Whatever the behaviour it can be changed, leaving you with the dog you always wanted.


Pet First Aid Courses

We offer Pet First Aid courses in small groups of 4 at our training facility in Ansty.  Suitable for business and dog owners alike, you will learn life saving skills, plus a certificate which is valid for 3 years.


Our Vision, Mission & Values...


Our vision is that owners will live in joy and harmony with their 4-legged friends, without using forceful methods to treat unwanted behaviours. 


My mission  is to help owners understand why their dog behaves the way it does and how it's their interaction that causes those unwanted behaviours.


 We believe that all living creatures and the world will live in, deserve our respect,  our honesty and our love.

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Tel: 07519 950 959

Find Us...


Henley House, Boaters Bridge, Main Road, Ansty, Coventry, CV7 9HZ



Open everyday

7:30am to 8:30pm


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