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Canine Behaviour

Canine Behaviour & Training

‘Your dog is not giving you a hard time, your dog is having a hard time’

Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age.  They can range from excessive barking, jumping-up and lead pulling, to resource guarding, aggression and separation anxiety.   We tend to label these behaviours as ‘naughty’, however these behaviours are simply your dog’s way of communicating.  It’s when our dogs feel that their communication is unheard, or their needs are unmet, that their behaviour escalates and becomes increasingly difficult. 


You cannot simply ‘train’ away those difficult behaviours, as it starts with you.  Understanding your dog’s triggers and emotions are key to building a meaningful connection, which leads to mutual respect, cooperation, and ultimately a calm, happy and well-balanced dog.

Top Dog - £400 (4 sessions)
This package is life changing!

Dog reactivity, in whatever form, is your dog expressing their emotions.  To comprehend this, we will delve into the four key pillars of canine communication.  You will understand the ‘why’ behind the behaviours and how to communicate effectively, taking you from a place of frustration, to one of compassion and understanding.  This in turn will change behaviour and deepen your connection, enabling you to lead a fulfilling, joyful and peaceful life with your four-legged companion.   

Exploration Session - £160 (90 minutes)

Further Sessions are charged at £100 (90 minutes)

This session enables me to assess your dog’s behaviours in their home environment.  Together we will establish the root cause of the unwanted behaviours and start to implement a change program which puts you on the road to a new and more enjoyable relationship with your four-legged friend. 


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