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Canine Behaviour


Canine Behaviour & Training


Dogs can develop behavioural issues at any age.  They can range from excessive barking, jumping-up and pulling on the lead, to resource guarding, excessive paw licking and separation anxiety.   However, behind these 'symptoms' is a route cause, and at Hounds 'n' Harmony we establish what that is, and implement a change program. 


What's important to remember, is that our dogs are only reacting to the signals that we are giving out.  This is good news, as it means that if we change our signals, the dogs behaviour will change too.


It never ceases to amaze me how a simple conversation between two people can be interpreted very differently, causing misunderstandings and major fall outs.  Dogs communicate by reading body language and facial expressions, and when you consider that 55% of human communication is body language, you can begin to understand where the confusion stems from.  


We offer two packages, both of which deliver positive results after the first session!  Plus you'll have the opportunity to join monthly support zooms, which will keep you on track.

Top Dog - £380 (4 sessions)

Results after the first session

This package is perfect for new dog owners or  dogs presenting with behavioural issues.  

Focusing on behaviour and training combined, you will be taught the fundamentals of canine language; why your dog does the things he/she does; and how to change that behaviour, leaving you with a relaxed, happy and engaged dog. 

All sessions are held at your home, which enables me to assess the dog in their natural environment.  Each session lasts around 90 minutes.  

NB; As with any type of behaviour modification or training, it is only effective if applied consistently and correctly by the owners. 

Puppy Package £330 (3 sessions)

Getting a new puppy is exciting but can also be a very daunting and stressful time.  That's why it's important to set off on the right foot, which if possible is as soon as you bring your new puppy home.  

Our puppy package is perfect for puppies up to the age of 16 weeks.  We take you through toilet training, feeding & nutrition, teething, playtime, bedtime, acclimatisation, socialisation and walking.  

You will be taught the fundamentals of canine language, so you are equipped to deal with any behaviours that may arise as the puppy develops, ensuring that you have a relaxed, happy and engaged dog.

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Customer Review

We worked with Collette at Hounds n Harmony after experiencing issues with our puppy. She suffered with separation anxiety  and was very reactive and nervous around people she doesn’t know.  Collette started by getting an understanding of what issues  we were having, established where we were going wrong and then did a fantastic job of helping us get back on track.  She explained how dogs think, how they communicate and that enabled us to understand the root cause of our Ruby’s issues (us in a nutshell!).   She covered everything in stages so as not to overwhelm us and so putting a plan into action was manageable.  We are delighted to say that after 3 sessions we have a much more confident, relaxed and happier dog, we cannot believe the difference in her! We still have work to do but the lifestyle change comes really naturally to us now and we really feel we know what to do in most situations. Essentially she taught us how to speak canine 🐶  Collette was friendly, clear and most importantly focused on helping our dog.   You can tell she absolutely loves what she does, she is highly knowledgeable and her passion for it really comes through.  We could not recommend Hounds 'n' Harmony enough!

Debbie - Bedworth

Pet / Canine First Aid Courses

Certified First Aid Courses, held in small groups

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Should you wish to talk to us or book on one of our courses, please call 07519 950 959 or click on the link below to email. 

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We offer exclusive dog boarding and never have more than 2 dogs boarding at any one time.

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