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Our Partners

At Hounds 'n' Harmony we are passionate about quality, service, animal welfare and the environment, which is why we only work with people who hold the same values.  


Below are the links to people whom we trust and highly recommend.

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Pet friendly Cleaning Products

Hello, I’m Nicky Tonks, a devoted mother of two grown-up boys and a loving wife, with a passion to become as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible.  I have always done my best to recycle but the amount of waste being generated during the pandemic was horrifying, with millions of single use plastics, full of toxic chemicals being put in our recycling to go who knows where... our oceans?

I knew things had to change, so I started to look for products that would be less harmful to my family, the environment and the inhabitants that we share this beautiful planet with.  Did you know that traditional cleaning products are now linked to adverse family health, including respiratory diseases, allergies and even cancer, so imagine how it could be impacting on our pet’s health too! 

We’re all so concerned about germs, that we tend to opt for cleaning products that kill 99% of bacteria, and for good reason too.  However, they also destroy the microbiome in your home, paving the way for harmful pathogens to take hold.  There had to be an easier, less toxic way to clean our homes. 

Clean Living was the first in the UK domestic market to pioneer the use of healthy bacteria to offer a kinder, more sustainable alternative to household cleaning.  They use refillable aluminium bottles, which significantly reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions, and the plant-derived ingredients in their cleaning products are biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly too.

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Providing grooming for dogs

Dog Grooming Palour

Having been a nurse for many years, I wanted to turn my attentions to my passion for dogs.  So I re-trained to become a dog grooming and transformed my conservatory into a luxury doggy palour based in Nuneaton.  With my natural talent for reiki , combined with my compassionate nursing skills, you can rest assured that your dog is in safe, calming hands.

Home Boarding

Exclusive 1-2-1 Home Boarding 

Contact Details

Should you wish to talk to us please call 07519 950 959  or drop us an email using the link below.

Canine Behaviour

We offer an holistic, stress free approach to eradicating unwanted behaviour.

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