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Be More Dog!


With so many variations of Dog training out there, is it any wonder that it becomes so confusing as to what is the ‘right’ way to train your dog.  Alongside this, we also have to deal with peer pressure that comes from family, friends, & so-called experts, all offering advice on the ‘correct’ way to train your dog.

For a lot of us the thought of owning a dog is easy.  All you have to provide is food, water, walks, lots of cuddles, and all will be well, right?  But if this were true, then why do so many dog owners struggle with unwanted behaviour?  The answer is simple: Owners tend to overlook that a dog is a different species from us, with their own way of communicating.  Dogs also live by a simple set of instinctive rules that have served them well for thousands of years, with the overriding goal being the safety and survival of the pack in which they reside.

Dogs do not speak English, they speak Canine, which is a subtle, silent, body language.  They are continually reading our demeaner, our facial expressions, our eyes, and our energy, as well as forming associations with sounds, gestures, and objects; we all know that the sight of the lead is enough to send most dogs into a hyper state.

If we can acknowledge and accept this basic difference between our species, then it stands to reason that our lines of communication will become crossed, resulting in confusion and mis-interpretation, which is the catalyst for unwanted behaviours, such as Separation Anxiety, Reactivity, Aggression, Stealing, and so on.  However, if we adapt and change the way we interact with our four-legged friends, it also stands to reason, that their reactions and behaviour will change too.

So what better way to train your dog than to learn how to speak canine, which, I might add, does not involve barking or getting on all fours.

A well-trained dog starts with YOU!  So be more dog, because one thing is certain, dogs will never be able to speak our language, but if you learn to speak theirs, you will build an unbreakable bond and enjoy a relationship of mutual understanding and co-operation.

Canine Behaviour (

Canine Behaviour

We offer an holistic, stress free approach to eradicating unwanted behaviour.

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